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Quand Même pronounced /kɑ̃ mɛm/ 

“Quand Même,” a French expression famously adopted as the motto of 19th century actress Sarah Bernhardt, can be loosely translated to mean: "Even so." "Despite everything." "Nevertheless." In that spirit, the mission of The Quand Même Collective is to create theatre that is innovative in interpretation, curious yet accessible, and shares our joy of storytelling...

In spite of it all.

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Aleita Northey

Have you met my friend Aleita? I’m going to brag on her behalf for a bit. She would never actually tell you how cool she is or about all the cool things she’s done without some kind of diversion meant to get herself out of the limelight. She grew up in North Van and straight up loves dogs. She graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York. Recently, she co-created and starred in the CBC Digital series “This Blows” and acted alongside some of Vancouver’s finest in The Arts Club’s production of “Forget about Tomorrow.” In short: She’s one of the good ones people!

bio written by Kara Francisco

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Kara Francisco

 Kara originally hails from Calgary, AB. She is a graduate of New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and blames her time in New York for fostering her true addiction to theatre. Kara’s favourite sport is mutton busting (yeah, I had to Google it too) and she never met a gluten she didn’t like. Give her a cookie and you’ll make an easy (and very good) friend.

bio written by Aleita Northey


Krystyna Kozlowski

Krystyna decided at the age of 3 that she wanted to be a mermaid. At age 4, reality set it.  Acting was, naturally, the next best career choice. So she’s been doing it ever since! From a teary family drama, to a political doc to The Office – Krystyna will watch it all.
She has been nominated for the best actor award at the Las Vegas Low to No Film Festival in 2018 for her role in The Prodigal Dad.  And she is honoured and beyond excited to be working alongside four amazing women in this theatre company, challenging their artistry. Vive le QM!

bio written by Kaylah Zander

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Morgan Misic

Morgan Misic is a graduate of Capilano University’s Acting for Stage & Screen program, a lover of film and theatre, and… Harry Potter.
 Morgan’s love for the ever endearing HP franchise has led her to be able to recite almost all the lines from any of the films, especially “The Philosopher’s Stone” and “The Chamber of Secrets.” She also can relate to the series bada** feminist and UN rep, Emma Watson, aka Hermoine. Morgan recalls watching an interview where Emma stated that in the first few HP films she would not only know Hermoine’s lines, but the whole cast’s. Emma would proceed to recite everyone’s lines under her breath whilst filming. This is basically Morgan… to a T. Although she may not outwardly admit to it, Morgan secretly wants to be a boss a** b****, (her UN spokeswomanship will come later). The Quand Même Collective has given her the confidence to know that when a group of women put their minds together, they can accomplish anything.
Who runs the world?

bio written by Krystyna Kozlowski